Events 2015-16

27th October 2015 – Philip Hitchings

‘Images and Representations of the Habsburg Dynasty in the English Public Sphere 1710-13’

24th November 2015 – Shiru Lim

”Is it Useful for the People to be Deceived?’ Frederick II and John Le Rond d’Alembert on Philosophical Kingship’

19th January 2016 – Luca Scholz

‘Leviathan’s Skin: Borders and the Ordering of Movement in the Old Reich’

4th February 2016 – Konstanze Fliedl

‘Jewish Chess: Stefan Zweig’s Novella in the Context of Racial Polemic’

10th May 2016 – Katy Bond

‘Costume Books: 16th Century Habsburg Networks and Power’

26th May 2016 – Annual Lecture – Howard Louthan

‘The Habsburgs and their Eastern Neighbours: Re-evaluating the Religious Landscape of 16th Century Central Europe’