Events 2016-17

18th October 2016 – Mark Cornwall

‘The Law and Rhetoric of Treason in the Late Habsburg Monarchy: The Case of Croatia’

1st November 2016 – Andreas Gestrich

‘The „Wienerisches Diarium“: Press, State and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century Vienna’

15th November 2016 – Jeroen Duindam

‘From Vienna to Istanbul and Beijing: A Social History of Rulership Across the Globe

23rd November 2016 – Veronika Čapská

 ‘Homosocial Correspondence Ties in the Early Habsburg Monarchy from Anthropological Perspectives’

31st January 2017 – Wolfgang Burgdorf

‘Protokonstitutionalismus – Die Reichsverfassung in der Wahlkapitulationen – Grundrechtliche Gewährleistungen’

7th February 2017 – Renato Pasta

‘Cesare Beccaria and his Context’

21st February 2017 – Alexander Schunka

‘Early Modern Migrations: The Habsburg Lands and Beyond’

2nd March 2017 – Annual Lecture – Pieter Judson

‘Intimate Relationships Between Alleged Opposites: Empire and Nation in Habsburg Central Europe 1848-1930’

3rd March 2017 – Annual Workshop

Cultural Histories of the Habsburg Empire c. 1800-1920

9th May 2017 – William O’Reilly

‘Habsburg Control on the Ottoman Frontier: Medicine, the Military and Vampire Mania in an 18th Century Borderland’

23rd May 2017 – Siegrid Westphal

‘The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation as an Order of Public Peace (‘Landfriedensordnung’)’

6th June 2017 – Géza Pálffy

‘An Old Realm in a New Monarchy: Habsburg Coronations in Early Modern Hungary’